Looking For The Best Dive Watch?

Published: 14th May 2010
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Now a days many people believe there is no need for a watch, anymore most people have cell phones with the time on it. There is more to a watch than just telling time. Watches are still relevant for telling time at a glance or for recreational and professional uses. This brings us to the importance of a good dive watch and what makes a one the best. This article is only going to focus on analog watches, not digital.

Water resistance is of course the initial most important aspect. If the watch is going to be used for diving, it is best if the watch is at least 200m (660ft). This is generally considered the minimum needed for light diving. One thing to keep in mind is water resistance is effected by other influences. For example a 30m (99ft) rated watch is good for washing hands and being in the rain. It is not recommended for showering or swimming. Though it is rated to 99ft, water temperatures (whirlpools), pressure, sudden impact (diving), etc, all influence a watches water resistance. A watch with 200m is recommended for such activities as impact water sports, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Thicker sapphire crystal, screw down case backs, good gaskets, and screw down crown, all help ensure good water resistance.

Going beyond water resistance, there are certain features that best dive watches have. Lume, this is what the indices/numerals/markers illuminate in the darker environments. One of the more commonly used lume is SuperLuminova. A dive watch should have a ratcheting unidirectional bezel, going counter clockwise. A dive bezel will have markers to denote elapsed time. Most of these dive watches will also have a lume dot or marker at the 12 o'clock position on the bezel. This is then used to rotate to the minute hand. The true purpose of this is typically for divers to measure their decompression stops on the way back to the surface. The bezel is useful to time day to day activities outside of diving.

A good dive watch should have very good legibility. This usually means a nice clean uncluttered dial, with at a glance readable hands and indices. A crown guard is important to protect the crown from breaking off during a dive, helping to ensure the functionality of the watch during a dive. Some of the best dive watch bracelets have a "diver extension". This allows the bracelet to be lengthened quickly to fit over a wet suit with a small adjustment.

Dive watch manufactures are increasingly trying to out do one another. It is not uncommon to find reasonably priced 1000m dive watches. Recently, there was a new world record set for a mechanical dive watch. The CX Swiss Military 20,000 Feet, the name says it all! This recently broke the Guinness World Records in 2009. Dive watches are a great tool in day to day life and tend to be more rugged.

A watch review can help narrow the search for the watch desired. Changing the strap of a watch is also a nice way to mix up the aesthetic appearance, look at what might be the best watch strap to change the appearance. One does not have to be a serious diver or a dive at all to enjoy the benefits of a nice dive watch.

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